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Making Your Slots More Popular


After working 3 years for Playtech's Content Unit, and after having created specs for more than 80 slot games, I became Playtika's Content Manager. In Playtika, I was responsible for the content for Slotomania and Caesars Casino. In Playtika I created around 40 slot games. 


Since then, I've become a consultant for social and RMG slot games, specializing in game popularity. I've consulted for more than 30 companies and have done extensive research on dozens of millions of players, countless spins, and more than 200 slot games to discover the principles that social players like. 

In content, I've discovered The Fantastic Four (the 4 theme types that are constantly in the top ten of any game) and the principles of how to create graphics social players respond to. 


In math, I've created the T3 math model which gave a game with bad graphics KPI's that matched Slotomania


In creating game economies, I'm using a model that's been shown to increase monetization of successful economies by 60%. 


Do you want to see how you can improve your game's KPI's? 


Contact me at:


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